Monday, April 6, 2009

Assessment Form

This was a great assignment! This would take so much work out of working with home bound students and students on extended leave. I cut and pasted a quiz I had already made into the proper fields. This would make it easy to recreate for students who cannot be at school for whatever reason. I really liked how google docs keeps track of the responses. This is a definite plus for me and my organization practices. The quiz I created was on Meiosis. To view or take this assessment please click here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Finally everything worked as planned! This activity is going to be extremely helpful during my teaching career. I have used other rubric making online tools but they did not already provide the scoring criteria as Rubistar did. I just assigned my science 9 students Newton's Laws podcasting projects today. I had planned on using a rubric to grade each project. Rubistar made it easier to accomplish this task! To view my rubric please click here.


I was finally able to get Google Docs to upload my PDF file I fought and fought with this yesterday until I had had enough. I decided to re-save it again to PDF. this time I clicked the option to save it as a smaller file. Google uploaded my new version in one try this time. I still prefer to save to the ftp since it is easier but I am unable to access it. As stated in my previous post my browser keeps saying "page cannot be displayed" for what ever reason. If anyone is able to figure this out please let me know. You can view my PDF version of my power point by clicking here.

Windows Movie Maker

This assignment was not too bad to complete since we had already had experience with Movie Maker. The biggest obstacle I faced was getting my video saved on the Internet. I tried teacher tube multiple times. It claimed to have worked but I could not get ti to play. Every time I tried nothing would come up. I have tried the FTP, which is the easiest to save to, but my browser keeps telling me page cannot be displayed. I finally used Google video and so far, cross your fingers, it has worked.